Heidelberg with UV paint and coating purchased


Tiskara Reprint has introduced new production technology – ultra-violet (UV) colouring and UV coating. Heidelberg six-colour printer „CD 102 6 LX – combi press“ has been purchased.

The new machine will print labels and commercial packaging. It reaches speed of 15 thousand printed sheets per hour, so it can fulfil very big orders in a short time. Besides that, it is being cleansed very fast, so the idling time is very short. It has got drying technology, too. This particular model of Heidelberg print in among the most popular, with more than 50 thousand units sold worldwide.
The first label printed at Tiskara Reprint with the new machine was Amstel beer for Heineken Croatia, and the first print with usage of UV technology were hang-tags Move fo Golden Lady, Italy.

More on the characteristics of the new print at this link: The versatile. Speedmaster CD 102.