New Staropramen’s labels from Reprint

New Staropramen’s label is printed in Tiskara Reprint. It is a continuation of successful cooperation with Zagrebačka pivovara, in which Tiskara Reprint is the technology partner. The new label and bottle design of the whole Staropramen line was recently presented in Johann Franck cafe under motto „The Spirit of Golden Prague“.

Darko Ivančević, the director of marketing of Zagrebačka pivovara, says: „The new look of Staropramen is inspired by the recognisable spirit of Prague and the golden experience of enjoying rounded taste, seductive golden colour, and irresistible foam. Staropramen has remained its vision, therefore continuous creation of innovations, to make the best even better, by combining modern style with long tradition which stretches into 1869. The top quality and free spirit of Prague are two mail characteristics of Staropramen, and that is reflected in its new looks.“

Tiskara Reprint has overseen making every single label looks identical on the bottle, that every each one is printed with highest quality, that every buyer of Staropramen recognize by looks that there is a top beer in the bottle.